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Energy Saving Tips for Winter in your Home

Feb 13, 2023 | Education

If you are staying home during the winter months, these tips can help you save energy:

1 Reverse your ceiling fan so that the blades turn clockwise.

This will move heat from the ceiling towards the floor.

2 Heat escapes under doors.

You can purchase draft guards from $10-20 apiece, or better yet, save money and place a rolled towel at the bottom of each door.

3 Replace your filters

This will improve the efficiency and longevity of your HVAC system.

4 Plug your chimney

Your chimney is a huge source of heat loss in the wintertime. When not in active use, plug it with a chimney balloon to keep drafts out and heat in. Cost: approximately $25 – 60, depending on size.

5 Flush your water heater

Do this about once a year. Sediment can accumulate over time and affect its efficiency.

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