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Water Conservation

Rebate Program

Encouraging residents and businesses to conserve water via WaterSmart Rebate & Incentive Program. This program applies to the purchase and installation of devices to retrofit plumbing fixtures with high rates of flow, and to limit outdoor water use for landscaping purposes.

Water Conservation

Rebate Program Eligibility

Open to all City of Prescott water utility customers. Please follow all rules and regulations of the program in order to receive a credit on your utility bill.  (P.C.C. 3-10-8)

Rebate Opportunities:

Rainwater Cisterns

50-65 gallon capacity rain barrel:
$0.50 per gallon of storage

75 gallon and larger capacity rain barrel:
$1.00 per gallon of storage

Rain Garden

$3.00 per square foot of basin footprint
View Rain Gardens Manual for Homeowners (PDF)

Turf Removal

$1.00 per square foot

WaterSense labelled Smart Irrigation Timer


Ultra-Efficient Washing Machine


Toilet Replacement

1.0 gallon per single flush toilet:  $150
1.0/1.28 gallons per dual flush toilet:  $125
1.28 gallons per single flush toilet:  $100

Water Customers on Septic Systems


Commercial Urinals


Hot Water Recirculation System


Rules & Information
  • Each item is a one-time award for the property, fixture or equipment as indicated, subject to City review and approval.
  • All incentive awards require and are subject to the submittal of complete applications and determination of eligibility and qualifications by the City. Incomplete applications are subject to return.
  • Applications will be accepted only from the current property owner(s) of record.
  • The incentive program is provided on a first come, first serve basis, subject to the availability of budgeted funding.
  • Total incentives granted for a property shall be limited to $2,500.00.
  • Rebate awards will be credited on utility bills for the applicable properties within three billing cycles after approval.
  • City is not responsible for selection, installation, or performance of any water saving device.
  • If necessary, a City representative will contact the applicant to schedule a site visit.

Get Paid For An Upgrade

Swap Out Your Washer

Model must be on this list at time of purchase to qualify for the $200 rebate for city sewer customers or $250 for city septic system customers.

Take Charge

WaterSmart Your Home

Browse our top tips & tricks to create a water conserving home and yard.